Dj Malinowski

Art-making is their hyperconcept (hyper-fluid, exciting, imaginary friend, etc.). They do research to change to be excited to be more present. Research topics include virtual images, intuitive intelligence, affect, hybridity (of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, fleshy vs digital), cyberspace personas, mind-clones, death (loneliness, loss, longing), metonymic portals, style transfer, global cultural exchange + politics, vertical movement, spectator as harmonic, and intimate communities. Units of measurement include personas and fast lists. Current obsessions include contingency and (transformation and detoxification of) masculinity.

StainedGlassDoor Cropped.pptx

Stained Glass Door - 2020

Stained Glass Door blurs the present into a recursive loop. Digital long-exposure photo; cinematic; global cultural politics and gender norms; can function as a listening environment; what is this affect? What’s the politics of pop culture anime? iEnding.

How can we have more fun here? - 2020

Filtering my creativity with Google Forms. And, the large paragraph of synonyms is from Problematic associations in a self-deemed-universal(ism) community. How does the info at interface with communities?

Yet - 2020

Crowd-sourced poetry; interfacing various relations to time; tension between scales; sound-text interface.